DVD Documentaries

The Author

Meet Edward Charles Learner, author and producer of the local amusement park documentaries.

By day, Ed is an attorney in Stow, OH; by night he is a fabulous baker, as well as a lover of movies and amusement parks. Ed’s best baking concoction is his delish cheesecake, but his sticky buns and fruits pies aren’t anything to sneeze at either.

In the early 1970’s Ed operated the weekly dollar movies on The University of Akron’s campus. As a result, he has collected memorabilia from the many amusement parks he had the pleasure to visit.

Then the idea of combining his love of movies and amusement parks into one project. Documentaries showing his love for an amusement park. His first video, Idora Park was received with such great reception; Ed went on to make Chippewa Lake Park. Videos and tea are truly at the heart of his life work.

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